"Angel’s passion is contagious!  I always feel the time I spend with him is an investment in my future.  While he is a man of many talents, the skill I value the most is his ability to assist others in finding potential they never realized they possessed.  This is why I refer business associates to him for any leadership development needs without hesitation.   In every role he has played in our relationship: friend, colleague, instructor, and mentor he has always maintained the highest level of integrity.  I look forward to working with him again."


“Angel is a dynamic speaker and has an infectious optimistic spirit”


-James Bond, M.A. Veteran Specialist 





"I always enjoy and get inspired by Angel’s motivating speeches.  His energy is infectious and his positive and warm delivery grabs your attention immediately.  His speeches always give me a lift regardless of how I was feeling that day."


-Jason Lee, Senior Business Analyst.



"Angel, every time you’ve given a talk, it is so powerful that it inspires me to become a better speaker.  You have shown to me that you have the seven steps of becoming a great speaker which is being yourself, being bold and confident, being different than everyone else, being funny, involve your audiences into your speech, being positive, and always challenge the audience to do great things.  Congratulations in helping us gain success!!!"


-Chris Conner



"Angel, watching you develop as a powerful trainer and leader has been a privilege. What stands out the most is your ability to let go when you communicate with your audience so that “spirit” takes over and connects the message. In a world of polished and produced speakers, you have a gift that many simply no not.”      


-Thomas Magnum Founder, of www.LearnToConnectNOW.com



"We each have our excuses, our stories and our fears... Angel's book helps us put things into perspective, keeping our excuses in the past, and our fears in check, as we move forward into living our higher potential."  


-Sheryl Roush


Sparkle Presentations, Inc.





"Angel is one of the most authentic people I have ever met.  He is dedicated to God and growth, and loves to serve others.  As such, he is a powerful speaker who connects with his audience in ways you rarely see.  His big heart and passion for service make Angel the amazing leader he is, and makes him someone you want to work with and learn from.  Thank you Angel for your hard work and dedicated service.  You are a true inspiration..!"



-Bob Dietrich

Applied Green Technologies, Inc.



"When I first met Angel it was at the Toastmasters International District 5 Leadership and Communication Expo held January of 2013. He struck me as a strong young man whose destiny is to help people in a leadership role. Hiss passion for leadership and helping individuals achieve true leadership is what will makes him a success and sets him apart from the rest.  Over the course of the last few months I have grown to admire Angel and his passion to serve not just the people but also to serve God. His book is a testimony to his character, love and his passion. I am very honored to know Angel and it is a privilege to call him my friend.  Much success my friend in all your endeavors." 


-Maria Victoria Charles DTM



“His material set me on a course to not only become a better business person but put myself more as a musician.”  


-Emanuel Gonzeles  (Los Angeles Based Session Musician). Founder, www.emanuelgonzales.com